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John Hollway

Associate Dean

Penn Carey Law School

His research helps organizations confront challenges and turn negative occurrences into opportunities for quality improvement. He is a national thought leader on the use of root cause analysis in criminal justice and is a frequent consultant to criminal justice agencies and corporations on quality improvement and measurement issues.

Hollway is the author of numerous publications, including “Conviction Review Units: A National Perspective” (2016), “A Systems Approach to Preventing Errors in Criminal Justice” (2014), and Killing Time: An 18-Year Odyssey from Death Row to Freedom, winner of the National Independent Book Award for non-fiction in 2011 and one of the Chicago Sun-Times’ Best Books of the Year.

Hollway holds a BA from Penn in Diplomatic History with a minor in East Asian Studies, a JD with honors from the George Washington University Law School, and a MAPP degree with Distinction from Penn.

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