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Terra Schaad

Founder & Executive Director of Hunkapi Programs, Inc.

Hunkapi Programs

Terra Schaad is a zealous horse lover and the executive director of Hunkapi Programs, Inc. Ms. Schaad holds a bachelor of science degree in pre-veterinary medicine from Texas A&M University, where she competed at the national level for the Texas A&M horse judging and equestrian teams. Ms. Schaad also trained in reining horses professionally and conducted research on racehorses at Texas A&M. She went on to receive her master’s degree in counseling psychology from Arizona State University in 2006, where she conducted research on equine-human relations and group dynamics.

Ms. Schaad also lived in Italy, where she worked as a leadership coach and leadership development expert at the University of Iowa’s CIMBA, an MBA and undergraduate business program. Her work included intense study, research and application of neurobiofeedback, emotions, psychological assessments, and mindfulness, including how they all directly affect leadership and optimal performance. Ms. Schaad also honed her skills in leadership training and team-building with horses.

Ms. Schaad practices living mindfully, which she attributes to her experience with horses. Ms. Schaad is an avid adventurer, yogi, and two-time Ironman Arizona finisher. She embraces her extraordinary life with mindful, contagious enthusiasm and gratitude. In the arena, Ms. Schaad combines her education, intuition, and experience with horses to observe and interpret individual and group behavior and gives immediate, tangible feedback that will dare you to move mindfully and live optimally.

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