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Richard Shore


AZ Department of Agriculture Animal Services Division

Richard Shore is currently the Chief Livestock Officer with the Department of Agriculture and has been with the department for 5 years.  He started as an Officer in the central area of the state and was promoted to area supervisor before becoming the Chief Livestock Officer.  He has been a member of the Maricopa County Fair Board for 15 years.  His family has been involved with the County Fair for 25 years.  Richard has been an owner of livestock for 32 years.   


Richard Shore retired in April 2012 after serving 26 ½ years with the Phoenix Police Department.  He finished his career on the Special Assignments Unit (SWAT), and served there for 10 years.  While on the SWAT Team he served as a Negotiator, Rear Guard and Point.  He was also responsible for many programs such as Explosive Breaching, Mechanical Breaching, Weapons Breaching, Vehicle Interdiction and Vehicle Operations such as PITs and Street Jumps.  Richard also assisted as an instructor with SWAT Operations such as Close Quarters Battle, Negotiations and Tubular Assaults.  He has also worked on the Walking Beat in the housing projects and Downtown Shelter area. Richard has worked the Neighborhood Enforcement Squad where he conducted investigation from prostitution complaints to narcotic complaints to neighborhood disputes.  He still works with Phoenix Police as a volunteer Instructor for Explosive Breaching and Rappel. He continues to teach for several other agencies.