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Heather Krimm

Phoenix Police Department Animal Investigations

Heather has been an animal cruelty detective with the City of Phoenix Police Department for three years.  Prior to being a detective, she was a patrol officer and responded to many animal cruelty calls in the City of Phoenix.  While a patrol officer, she became a animal cruelty liaison, which entailed assisting officers with investigations with animals.  Heather has also assisted with presentations to various agencies on the importance of investigating animal cruelty cases.  Heather is a certified Emergency Animal Medical Technician with the Arizona Humane Society and a certified animal cruelty investigator with Code 3 Associates/Colorado State University.  She has also attended multiple training sessions, including basic equine investigations and sex crimes against animals.  Heather has been interviewed several times by the media about cases she investigated as well as made a couple of appearances on Animal Planet's "Animal Cops Phoenix" show, with the Arizona Humane Society EAMT's investigating animal cruelty incidents.