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Greg Giangobbe

Director of Law Enforcement Operations

Arizona State University School of Social Work’s Family Violence Center

Greg Giangobbe has 33 years of public safety experience. Greg has been responsible for a statewide project, the Arizona Intimate Partner Risk Assessment Instrument System (APRAIS) and other national/international risk assessment work that might arise. He played a large part in developing the curriculum, training, and protocols for Arizona police officers to follow in regards to risk assessment. He currently serves on the Pima County Domestic Violence Task Force. He is a member of a working group in Pima County dealing with domestic violence offender conditions of release. Greg also serves on the AZPOST subject matter expert committee for domestic violence, and patrol procedures. He is actively involved in discussions about justice, due process, rule of law, community policing, nobility of policing and how to improve the patrol officer interaction with victims.