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Amy Gerow

Supervising Forensic Scientist

Arizona Department of Public Safety

Amy Gerow began her career at the Arizona Department of Public Safety in May 2008 as a forensic scientist in the DNA Database unit. While in that unit she developed a novel process for analysis of previously collected but untested offender samples and presented these findings in a poster at the 26th International Symposium on Human Identification in 2015. In April of 2014 Amy transferred from the DNA Database unit to the DNA Casework unit where she has been integral to the validation and implementation of several new DNA methods and was selected as the Arizona Department of Public Safety Scientist of the Year for 2018. Amy promoted to Supervising Forensic Scientist in December 2019 where she oversees one of two Casework DNA units. She is responsible for case management duties for violent crimes cases submitted to the Central and Southern Regional Crime Laboratories.