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Aaron Harder

Maricopa County Attorney's Office

Aaron Harder is the Bureau Chief for the North Central Phoenix Trial Bureau at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. Prior to supervising the North Central Phoenix Trial Bureau, he was in the Vehicular Crimes Bureau for sixteen years. In addition to Aaron’s supervisory duties he also manages a small caseload consisting of Vehicular Homicides, Aggravated Assaults, Leaving the Scene, and general felony cases. Aaron began his prosecuting career at MCAO in April 2002 and was a member of the Vehicular Crimes Bureau from 2003 to 2020, supervising VCB for over nine years. Aaron attended DRE School in 2004, he received the MCAO Violent Crimes Prosecutor of the Year Award in 2009, the MADD Felony Prosecutor of the Year Award in 2013, named a DRE Ambassador in 2014, and received the GOHS Felony Prosecutor of the Year Award in 2016. Throughout the years he has presented on various vehicular crimes topic for MCAO, GOHS, the Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Council, and several law enforcement agencies. Aaron dedicated his career to prosecuting vehicular crimes because of his passion to give crime victims a voice and hold impaired drivers accountable for the devastating consequences of their decision to drive impaired. Aaron obtained his bachelor’s degree in Justice Studies from Arizona State University in 1998 and his Juris Doctor from Creighton University in 2001. On a personal note, Aaron is married to his wife Kirsten for twenty-two years and they have two boys, Carson and Caden