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WW - Preparing for Court: Considerations for Animal Crime Prosecutions in Arizona

Total Credits: 1.5 including 0.0 Ethics CLE, 1.5 CLE

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Webinar Wednesday |  Animal Abuse
Erin Aiello
1 Hour 26 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Testifying about animal cruelty cases present a unique set of challenges. Approaching these cases from both the perspective of the prosecutor and the officer, this workshop will review preparing for trials involving animal victims. Specifically, this seminar will discuss how to effectively work with witnesses, special considerations for cases related to intimate partner violence, utilizing experts, and effectively navigating cross-examination.



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The Humane Society of the United States

Erin Aiello has been a practicing attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for a little over a decade. The majority of her experience has been as an Assistant District Attorney, where she has worked not only on a variety of cases, but in a variety of jurisdictions. ADA Aiello has specialized in victim-related crimes such as sex assault, domestic violence, and the abuse and neglect of children, elderly, and disabled persons. Unofficially, ADA Aiello has been her own one-person animal cruelty unit. In 2011, ADA Aiello was recognized by the Animal Control Association of Massachusetts for her work on animal cruelty cases. When ADA Aiello worked in private practice, she was still devoted to animal welfare and was proud to act as a local counsel for a national animal welfare agency in one of the largest animal cruelty and seizure cases in New England. Currently, ADA Aiello works in the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit in the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, where she focuses primarily on the prosecution of high risk domestic violence offenders. ADA Aiello is honored to work in the Humane Society of the United States’ Law Enforcement Training Center to assist in their mission to generate successful prosecutions of animal cruelty offenses. Erin lives in western Massachusetts with her 14-year-old cat Lulu Aiello

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