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WW - Addressing Sexual & Domestic Violence: Forfeiture by Wrongdoing

Total Credits: 2.0 including 0.0 Ethics CLE, 2.0 CLE

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Herb Tanner
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Forfeiture by Wrongdoing: The concept of forfeiture by wrongdoing has become one of the most powerful tools in the prosecutor’s toolbox. It is an impressive means of negating confrontation problems, at the same time recognizing and combating the domestic violence offender’s most favored means of coercive control. This training discusses the evolution of the concept of forfeiture by wrongdoing, and will cover what is probative evidence of wrongdoing, where to find it, and compelling arguments for forfeiture from that evidence. 



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Experience teaches us, and empirical research shows, that a batterer with access to firearms increases the risk of death for the victim, family, and responding officers. But properly responding to that risk involves a tangled web of federal and state statutes, court rules and procedures, and our duty to protect the constitutional rights of everyone. This webinar will help untangle and make sense of that web, and offer insight into what prosecutors can do to limit a batterer's access to firearms consistent with our duty to always do justice. The webinar will suggest practical solutions, back by data and practice wisdom gathered from years of experience.

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