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The Elephant in the Room: Preventing the Root Causes of Teen Dating Abuse and Domestic

Total Credits: 1.5 including 0.0 Ethics CLE, 1.5 CLE

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Donna Bartos
1 Hour 21 Minutes
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This thought-provoking and interactive webinar transforms current research on domestic violence and sexual assault prevention into universal response solutions anyone can use. Attendees will go on a deep dive exploration of the risk factors and root causes of interpersonal violence perpetration and the help-seeking barriers faced by teens, as well as discover practical solutions to prevent and respond to domestic/sexual violence among Gen Z youth at the primary (before it starts), secondary (while it is happening) and tertiary (after harm has occurred) levels. Participants will gain tangible tools to promote healthy relationships and protect future generations from harming themselves or others. Come prepared to think, talk and take action during this highly interactive webinar that connects real life experiences with current research on Adverse Childhood Experiences, Risk Factors, Protective Factors and Social Determinants of Health.



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In 2006, after serving in executive roles for health and wellness focused non-profit organizations, Donna Bartos founded BLOOM365 to "uproot abuse" in a generation. Inspired by personal lived experiences and two decades of self-guided research, Donna authored the “Are you blooming or wilting?” prevention education curriculum and created the LEVEL™ response strategy, tools anyone can use to reduce the risk of interpersonal violence from spreading from one generation to the next. Donna has been recognized locally and nationally for her vision and ability to turn theory and research into practice. She holds a BA in Communication from McDaniel College and an MPA from Grand Canyon University.