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The Corpus Delicti Rule - Getting Over the Hurdle and Entering the Admission

Total Credits: 1.0 including 0.0 Ethics CLE, 1.0 CLE

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Beth Barnes
57 Minutes
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Anytime a prosecutor considers using a defendant's admission during trial, the corpus delicti rule must be evaluated. This presentation will address the myriad of issues associated with the rule, provide useful tips for responding to defense challenges, clear-up common misconceptions, and provide useful case law.



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TSRP, Assistant Phoenix City Prosecutor

Phoenix City Prosecutors' Office

Beth Barnes serves as Arizona’s GOHS Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP) through a grant from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and the Arizona DUI Abatement Council.  In this role, she serves as a resource for law enforcement, prosecutors, traffic safety professionals, judges, and the community to more effectively address impaired driving and other traffic safety issues.  She has been an assistant city prosecutor with the City of Phoenix Prosecutor’s Office for almost 29 years, specializing in the prosecution of DUI cases. Beth also serves as the national prosecutor representative on the IACP Technical Advisory Panel for Impaired Driving Programs.