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Domestic Violence
Jonathan Kurland
1 Hour
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Strangulation is one of the most lethal forms of violence employed by perpetrators of intimate partner violence. Nonfatal strangulation often results in little or no visible injury to the victim, despite the fact that the victim has been placed at risk of death or serious injury that may not manifest until much later.  Lack of visible injury can result in the misidentification of strangulation injury and an inability for medical professionals to provide meaningful intervention and treatment.  In the absence of visible injury, other telltale symptoms may be present. It is critical for law enforcement officers and other first responders to identify these symptoms of strangulation, document the indicators and offer and encourage appropriate medical evaluation and treatment. This presentation will address common myths and misconceptions related to strangulation injury and focus on the signs and symptoms of strangulation injury, medical evaluation and documentation, risk factors and trial strategies.



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Currently an Attorney Advisor with AEquitas, Jonathan Kurland worked for sixteen years as a prosecutor in the District Attorney's Office in Berks County, Pennsylvania, serving as Chief Deputy District Attorney, Chief of Trials, and Assistant District Attorney. Throughout his career, Mr. Kurland has successfully prosecuted a variety of offenses, including domestic violence homicides, campus sexual assaults, cold case sexual assaults, intimate partner violence, stalking, child pornography and exploitation, child abuse and molestation, and human trafficking.