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Juvenile Justice System Improvement

Total Credits: 1.0 including 0.0 Ethics CLE, 1.0 CLE

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Francine Dewalt |  Joseph Kelroy |  Holly Reynolds
1 Hour 04 Minutes
Audio and Video
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This training will provide an overview of JJSIP components that promote equity and fairness which includes the AZYAS risk assessment tool; the data-driven Recommendation Matrix disposition recommendation tool; and other system improvement practices implemented to improve outcomes for juveniles involved int the juvenile justice system. You will hear how juvenile probation is charged in Administrative Code to make disposition recommendations using the Recommendation Matrix and that these recommendations do not limit or restrict prosecuting attorneys or the juvenile court in their decision-making.



Francine Dewalt's Profile

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Sr. Business Analyst

Arizona Supreme Court

Fran DeWalt joined the AOC Juvenile Justice Services Division’s Automation Unit in 2017 where she helped complete the JOLTSaz roll-out training and onboarding of the juvenile probation departments. Now as part of the JJSD Operations Unit, Fran has been integral in the development and delivery of Matrix training presentations and resource materials. Fran has coordinated many training efforts, including a JOLTSaz train-the-trainer workshop for county coordinators to ensure departments have a local JOLTSaz expert on hand. After completing her bachelor’s degree in Biology in 1987, and obtaining teaching credentials, Fran taught in the classroom for 10 years before furthering her career with education-based businesses, utilizing her skills in training and project management.

Joseph Kelroy's Profile

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Juvenile Justice Services Division Director

Arizona Supreme Court

Joe Kelroy has served as the Director of the AOC Juvenile Justice Services Division (JJSD) since 2014. He completed his undergraduate at Eastern Kentucky University with a double major in psychology and physical education. He furthered his education and obtained a master’s degree from Northern Illinois University in Adult Education. Director Kelroy began his career in juvenile justice in 1982 in Illinois as a juvenile detention counselor and worked in all areas of the juvenile court including probation, intake, detention, residential care and management. He retired in 2014 from Lake County Juvenile Court in Illinois and then moved to Arizona to pursue his continued passion for juvenile justice.

Holly Reynolds's Profile

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Arizona Supreme Court

Holly Reynolds has worked in the Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts, Juvenile Justice Services Division more than twenty years, currently as a Program Development Specialist and previously as a Contract Monitoring Specialist. In her capacity as Program Development Specialist she has held a lead role in the development of the Recommendation Matrix, a dispositional recommendation matrix designed as a tool for juvenile probation officers to use in their recommendations to the juvenile court. Holly has coordinated the matrix development, training, and implementation efforts and has worked closely with Georgetown University’s Center for Juvenile Justice Reform, Director Kelroy other JJSD staff, and Matrix Committee and Data Subcommittee representatives from all fifteen county juvenile probation departments. Prior to joining the AOC in 1999, Holly worked as an adult probation officer in Pinal Co. for twelve years. She completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of New Mexico.