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Prosecutors' Encyclopedia - An Arizona Primer

This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of NYPTI's Prosecutors' Encyclopedia (PE), tailored for Arizona prosecutors. PE is an online wiki website, exclusively tailored to help prosecutors throughout the country share resources such as training materials, manuals, best practices, and more. Prosecutors' Encyclopedia also has a national caselaw library and comprehensive expert witness pages. The best part is that all prosecutors can contribute to PE - and it's easy to upload your samples or comment on a topic.


If you do not already have a PE account, you can create one before the presentation by going to

Lauren Konsul, Attorney/Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor, New York Prosecutors Training Institute

Lauren Konsul has been an attorney at the New York Prosecutors Training Institute (NYPTI) since 2009. In 2013, she became NYPTI’s Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP). As the TSRP, Lauren provides training and support for prosecutors on the topics of driving while impaired, vehicular manslaughter, and other vehicular crimes. Lauren also assists prosecutors with expert witnesses, legislative history, legal writing, and a variety of other topics. Additionally, Lauren has litigated in the Court of Appeals, as well as the Third and Fourth Departments as counsel to several District Attorneys' Offices.


Prior to becoming the TSRP, Lauren devoted much of her time at NYPTI to developing Prosecutors’ Encyclopedia, an internet and technology based resource for state and federal prosecutors throughout the United States. Lauren has given live presentations and conducted webinars to introduce prosecutors across the country to Prosecutors’ Encyclopedia.

Jason Kalish, Division Chief, Trial Division, Maricopa County Attorney's Office

Jason Kalish is the Bureau Chief of the Training Bureau at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, where he is responsible for training the nearly 900 attorneys, paralegals, and staff in the office. Jason has spent his entire career as a prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and was awarded the Criminal Trial Division Attorney of the Year in 1999.


Mr. Kalish graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1993 with honors, earning a degree in criminology.  He then attended the University of Arizona College of Law with the specific intent of becoming a prosecutor. During law school Mr. Kalish served as an Honors Intern with the FBI and worked in various capacities at the Pima County Attorney’s Office. He was sworn in as a lawyer on October 18, 1997, and as a Deputy Maricopa County Attorney two days later.


Mr. Kalish has prosecuted gang members and repeat offenders in the Gang/ROP bureau. He has served as a supervisor in other bureaus, including Charging/Grand Jury, Preliminary Hearings and Juvenile Crimes. Following the supervisory stints, he returned to trial work and spent nearly ten years prosecuting homicides, first in the Family Violence Bureau and then the Homicide Bureau (later renamed the Capital Litigation Bureau). Mr. Kalish was named APAAC Prosecutor of the Year in 2014 for his role as lead counsel in the retrial of the Buddhist Temple murders which occurred in 1991. Jason has always enjoyed teaching and was named the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Trainer of the Year in 2003.


He is married and enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and goldendoodle.


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